Naturally, Simons

National Advertising Challenge (NAC)

The NAC called out to creatives to produce an advertising campaign for La Maison Simons to increase brand awareness throughout Canada. The challenge was to capture the attention of 18 to 30 year-olds and show them that Simons not only offers good fashion, but also does good.

I partnered with Graphic Designer Amy Asin and submitted the following layout to the student category. We received the Merit Award in May 2021.

The Situation:

Fast fashion is hurting the planet. This has led to Canadian consumers becoming increasingly mindful of who they buy from. Simons recognizes this and has been taking steps towards a more sustainable future in how they source materials and make garments.

The Solution:

The Naturally, Simons campaign is inspired by their eco-conscious initiatives. Simons is serving the environment through organic and recycled materials, natural dyes, and low-impact processes—to name a few. These efforts are worthy of celebration.

Surrealism and symbolism are used to show that Simons is eco-friendly and high fashion. Models are placed into natural settings. Their outfits blend into plants that symbolize Simons’ sustainable practices. The line Naturally, Simons also suggests that buying from Simons is a natural choice.

Seed Tags:

Plantable price tags, made of seed paper, round out the concept. These biodegradable tags feature a QR code that guides consumers to a microsite where they can watch a seed tag planting demo video, access information on Simons’ sustainable initiatives, and see additional campaign content.

Visit the NAC winners page for more info: