My Story

Hi. I’m Asha.

I understand that people want different things.

Some don’t want to read pages and pages of text. Others seek long reads to make informed choices.

I’ve written two stories to introduce myself and my writing experience: one short, one long. Choose your own adventure. And get to know me the way that best suits your style.

Enjoy. And nice to meet you.

Writing. I’ve been doing it for years. From stories and plays in childhood to articles, academic reports, and ad copy in adulthood, I’ve written lots. I’ve also worked as an editor, reading and reviewing legal transcripts for the Vancouver Provincial Courts. So, that counts for something.

I honed my marketing communications skills at BCIT—graduating in 2021. I received scholarships based on my academic performance and was employed as a writing tutor. I then landed my first agency gig at PS&Co Brand Studio where I flexed my talents as a Junior Copywriter and Project Coordinator. I moved into a Project Management role at a digital marketing agency, in Vancouver BC. No matter what I have on the go I always welcome freelance writing work.

I love words. I love ideas. I love making things sound good.

Reach out if you could use assistance in your communications. All questions welcome.

I’ve been putting pen to paper for a long time. In fact, it all started when I put away my pacifier and introduced my crayon to the wall.

I enjoy the playful nature of writing. My grandmother gifted me a vintage typewriter when I was a kid and I eagerly got at those clunky keys. I plotted out how to solve household mysteries. I scripted poems for my crushes. I wrote notes to my sisters. And I invented a language with my best friend. I loved that kind of playing.

I’ve also been a lifetime fan of visual arts. So, I was known to pair words with images. I dabbled in short, hand-drawn comics—inspired by Archie and the Gang. And I wrote illustrated storybooks that I’d read aloud to my captive audience—I mean sisters.

But I needed more drama. So, I moved onto theatrical productions. My plays were performed on a variety of stages, with the help of willing school friends and not-so-willing siblings. Skits and songs premiered on my parent’s front porch—and became hits that gave life to the infamous Porch Productions. Then came theatre lights. Retractable seating. The big time. My words were being spoken on the stage of a black box theatre. My writing had come to life.

After high school, I moved away from small-town Salmon Arm to the big city. Vancouver became my new home where I began my undergrad degree at UBC. I dove into a creative program–half art history, half music performance. And spent five years writing paper after paper and singing opera so high and mighty it could break glass.

After earning my BFA, I wanted to have an adventure. So, I moved across the pond to London, England for two years. When I wasn’t traveling Europe, I worked. I started as a waiter in five-star hotels, where I learned how to fold napkins into crowns and how to serve in a “snake formation.” Oh, the choreography. I was eventually taken on as a full-time juice bar girl in a member’s only kids club in Chelsea, where I served celebrities like Hugh Grant, Adele, and the Beckhams. All this excitement was not contained merely to my memory. I wrote a blog: AJPJ Goes UK.

It’s still online.

Upon return, I pivoted to serious subject matter. The law. I worked for three years in a court transcript company. I worked my way up from assistant to editor at an unprecedented speed. Then I became the Vancouver branch Office Supervisor as well as head editor for the Vancouver Provincial Courts. In this role, I became increasingly meticulous over words, punctuation, criminal codes, and the like. But working in law was not for me.

So, I started learning about the world of advertising. While working full-time, I took an online class at UBC.

Copywriting: An Introduction.

This is when I started thinking like a marketer. I began creating spec ads. I was introduced to famous work and the brilliant thinking behind big ideas. This ignited curiosity and envy in me. It was decided. I want to be in this world. So, I bought and read books about copywriting on my commute. I volunteered as a writer for the marketing department of a non-profit. I also freelanced a bit, editing web copy for a friend. I was thirsty for knowledge and wanted to absorb it full-time. So, I took the plunge. I quit my job, changed my career, and went back to school.

Report, report, report. Article, exam, assignment, marketing campaign. Repeat.

At the tail end of my studies, I had the opportunity to intern at an advertising agency: PS&Co Brand Studio. As an intern, I spent most of my time learning the ins and outs of project management, but I’ve also been fortunate enough to receive mentorship on copywriting from two creative directors.

I worked in a few wins including recognition in the National Advertising Challenge in 2021 and the coveted ABCOM Bursary for new BCIT grads in the industry.

A year passes and I found myself in a role as a Project Manager in a Digital Advertising Agency in Vancouver BC. To satisfy the need to write, I take on Freelance writing projects.

One day, maybe.

I can help your business communications perform at their best. Want to learn more?