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Boxing. It’s a simple sport. Two people face off in a ring with only their fists for defense and attack. But what’s behind it’s increasing popularity?

There is a common perception of boxing that it’s a dangerous and barbaric sport. It can bring up the image of two suffering people, with cut up and bloody faces, swinging sweaty gloves at each other. However, boxing training is a safe and effective way to exercise. If you take a step out of the ring and focus on punching bags and exercises, the boxing training experience is approachable, effective, and fun!

Boxing’s not only a longstanding form of entertainment, but it’s also an activity that provides numerous benefits to the body, brain, and beyond. This post will provide 4 reasons that prove why boxing is the best.

#1 Boxing is Good Entertainment

For thousands of years people have had a fascination with the sport of boxing. In 688 BCE boxing was introduced to the world at the Olympics and has remained on the roster ever since– except for one year. That’s pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.

Hundreds of thousands of fans consume boxing matches by tuning into channels like HBO or Showtime to view exciting face-offs between world class fighters in the ring. Like hockey, basketball, and other popular sports, communities and friends bond—or playfully argue—over boxing.

The sport has also found its way into Hollywood and has made boxing icons—some fictitious—into household names. Many popular movies show the lifestyle of these athletes, illustrating their inspirational determination and hard work. These films, including Rocky, Creed, and Ali, have captured the hearts of international audiences.

Entertainment has been a huge part of how people have interacted with the sport from ancient times to the modern day. But boxing positively impacts people beyond the viewing experience.

#2 Boxing is Good for the Body

At the crux of boxing is fitness. Going through a boxer’s training regimen can provide numerous positive fitness and health benefits. Fundamentally, boxing training can improve your cardiovascular and muscular state.

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Physiologically, activities that have your hands raised above your heart work to increase your heart rate. So, the most basic boxing move—the punch—will directly increase your pulse. Other boxing related training activities, like skipping rope, jumping jacks, and burpees, are also thrown into the mix to get the heart going. These activities not only work the heart but also help burn calories at high rate.

In addition to developing a strong heart, boxing can help improve your muscular strength—to back your punches with force. A good boxing workout focuses on a combination of strength training and conditioning.

Strength training works on the strength of your muscles through activities like weightlifting and compound exercises (e.g., punching bag work, squats, pull-ups, and pushups), whereas conditioning is a form of exercise that works to increase your endurance. This is done through high-speed, high-intensity bursts of action (e.g., sprints and fast, hard punches on a boxing bag).

Through boxing training, one can improve cardiovascular condition, muscular strength, weight loss efforts, and even boost immunity.

#3 Boxing is Good for the Brain

Did you know that if someone has suffered an assault, they might be recommended to take a boxing class? This is not only a means of increasing confidence and self-defense skills, but boxing allows a victim to physically express internalized fear or anger that resulted from the trauma.

In this way, boxing is a form of therapy.

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The sport requires focus. In a class, a trainer will call out combinations of punches and activities. The participant needs to listen and react to the instructions to get the most out of the activity and be safe. This requires the participant to fully concentrate and be completely in the moment. Mindfulness–the practice of being in the moment–can aid in healing symptoms of trauma. By staying focused on the moves, one must let go from racing thoughts and be mindful by focusing on the here-and-now. This kind of focus can also result in better coordination and improved connection between brain and body.

Boxing can also be therapeutic in terms of mood and stress-levels. Physical activity in general is knows to decrease stress and increase endorphins. Therefore, boxing can be a fun, focused activity to help boost your mood.

When it comes to boxing and your brain, letting all your emotions out on a punching bag is a great way to release pent up emotions and stress in a safe way. It also increases the feel-good hormones in your brain for a more positive state of mind.

#4 Boxing is Built Around Community

The major benefit of being part of a fitness community is motivation. When you are working out—no matter what the exercise—there is a certain amount of struggle and discomfort. When you are in a group fitness class you are all suffering together and cheering each other on. This shared experience can provide incredible motivation during a workout and can help take your fitness level the extra mile.

For many people, boxing can seem intimidating. Therefore, it’s important to find a safe and supportive boxing studio when starting out. Contenders Boxing Studio believes boxing is built around inclusivity and providing a supportive and safe environment. No matter your fitness level, age, or body type, you are welcome to participate and will be challenged to reach your personal fitness goals.

All instructors are armed with a good sense of humour and bright smiles. Fostering a healthy fitness community, Contenders instructors provide encouragement, direction, and a good time. All group fitness classes, like Fundamentals Boxing or Core Training Camp, allow you to meet new people and build friendships. In a standard class, partner drills are incorporated, so members will have the opportunity to partner up with likeminded people. Members are also privy to after-class social experiences including boxing match viewings and White-Collar Fight Night.

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Give it a Try!

So, are you convinced? Do you now see why boxing is the best? Not only is it fun to watch, but boxing training is beneficial on many levels. More and more people are making their way into boxing training classes and realizing the incredible benefits affecting their body, mind, and community experience. If you are curious about getting into boxing in Vancouver, check out Contenders Boxing Studio at 

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